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Eat Like a Paceno

Palapa Restaurant 1

The best way to truly know and appreciate a city’s culture and cuisine is to follow the locals. When in Rome…do as the Romans do. When in La Paz…eat as a Paceno would.

Seeing as though this is The Sea of Cortez, the aquarium of the world, you may be wondering what to eat? SEAFOOD of course!



Their fish tacos are famous all over Baja. No matter what day of the week you go, it’s always packed. They have the original recipe for fish, shrimp and marlin tacos. Right on the Malecon, just follow the long line of parked cars and big trees.


Although not as old as Bismark-cito, McFish is where locals go for a fish taco breakfast. Their specialty? The Mayan Burrito: beans, shrimp, fish and salsa on a flour tortilla. Trust us it tastes better than it sounds. Not in the mood for some Mexican food? Try the shrimp burger, you’ll love it.


El Dorado

Also on the Malecon, you can find the best shrimp cocktail in La Paz or if you’re feeling crazy try the live clams. Hung-over? El Dorado offers up the best Bloody Mary’s on the Baja. And for the kids? Fish fingers and cold Jamaican tea.  Be ready though, local musicians like to stop over to sing some songs for a few pesos.

Playa Pichilingue

This restaurant has been around forever. It’s a big palapa right on the beach. Locals usually bring their own food and shade when going to the beach, but when they don’t feel like carrying all those goods, they just go to Pichilingue. Stuffed crabs are among the favorite dishes along with live clams. The best thing about the clams is that they are as fresh as can be. In fact, they have a little farm by the shore so whenever you ask for clams, the waiter rolls up his pants and will simply fish them out for you.

How to get there? You’ll need a car or a taxi considering it is a 15 -20 minute drive from downtown La Paz to the Ferry’s dock. Don’t forget to bring your bathing suit, in case you want to take a plunge in the crystal clear water before lunch.


Pacenos idea of fast food is a little different, of course there’s a McDonalds and Burger King, but locals prefer tacos, gorditas and hot dogs (yep, hot dogs are pretty big around here.)

Rancho Viejo

Rancho Viejo is becoming more and more popular among tourists, but locals still go here for a late night taco or two. Arrachera and carne asada in a flour tortilla are the best, but they also serve Mexican food such as stuffed chilies and stuffed potatoes. They recently opened a Rancho Viejo Sea Food restaurant that you can’t miss either.

Tacos El Chino

Do you really want to eat like a local? Then you have to try El Chino tacos. Nothing fancy, just a street taco stand. Stop by after 11 p.m. all the way until 4 a.m. for the best carne asada (beef) tacos ever. Be careful with the salsas, some of them look harmless but are really spicy. If you’re not much of a chile kind of person, stay on the safe side and just try the guacamole. A little warning, their guacamole looks nothing like the kind most Americans are accustomed to, this one is very thin and not chunky at all, but give it a chance, it’s still tasty! You can find them on Madero Street.

Gorditas Dona Tota

These are a Mexican specialty; they are a type of thick corn tortilla stuffed with lots of different things such as pork skin in green sauce, potatoes with chorizo, beef, chicken and beans with cheese. Add a little salsa and they are the best. Careful, they are greasy and totally addictive. They are located in the fast food court at the Soriana Supermarket.

Hot Dogs

At almost every corner street in La Paz you can find a hot dog stand after 7 p.m. What’s so different about these hot dogs you ask? They are wrapped in bacon and served with tomatoes, grilled onions, mustard, ketchup, sour cream and salsa all on a sweet bun; but those are just the regular ones, you can find them with spicy beef and nacho cheese as well. The best part? They are only $25 pesos each.


XL size burritos here we come! Humongous flour tortilla filled with chopped beef cooked with onions and chile, served with sour cream and of course, salsa. Almost every hot dog stand carries burritos too. They are perfect after a long night at the clubs and bars where you just can’t wait to get to the taco stand.


The Best Ice Cream in La Paz

Summer is here and without a doubt the best way to cool off is enjoying the ocean view while sitting under a tree by the Malecon (boardwalk) with a delicious ice cream cone in hand.

There are several ice cream parlors in town, but this little gem is one of our favorites based on popular demand:

La Fuente has been in La Paz for around 25 years.  It is a Sunday tradition to walk down the Malecon, grab an ice cream and watch the sun set over the water. At La Fuente, they also offer “Aguas Frescas” as well as ice pops of very unique natural flavors such as Jamaica, lemon, vanilla and for those who dare to try something new, cucumber with chile or mango with chamoy. Many people argue that the ice creams from La Fuente are better than the famous gelatos in Italy. If you’re having trouble locating La Fuente while visiting La Paz, look for the huge polka dot tree, it’s impossible to miss due to the colorful, well, polka dots painted all over its trunk.

Free Things to Do in La Paz, Mexico

If you’re in La Paz and not looking to break the bank, no need to worry, there are plenty of activities for you to enjoy, many of which are completely free. With many beaches to explore, how about taking a leisurely walk collecting sea shells and beachcombing for old treasures, followed by a romantic afternoon picnic in the sand?  Looking to get some color?  Why not take this time to go shirtless or strap on that bikini to get yourself one wicked tan by laying out along one of the many vast sandy beaches. You’re bound to get bronzed by doing so.

After you’ve experienced the beaches of the Baja Peninsula in La Paz, Mexico, you may be interested in learning more about the culture within the actual city of La Paz. Well once again you’re in luck as this unique town located next to the Sea of Cortez is home to many historic pieces of art, all available for your viewing pleasure. To accompany La Paz’s beautiful artistic history is its architecture, most notably the Nuestra Senora de La Paz Cathedral. The sightseeing you can experience in La Paz is truly breathtaking and something you’ll cherish forever. After a long day of checking out the allure of La Paz or strolling along the malecon, you may find yourself looking to strike up a conversation with some of the locals. Most are highly interested in teaching others about their history and the roots of the town they love, so we encourage you to be friendly and engage in great conversation!

To end your trip in La Paz while still keeping things totally FREE, check out one of the many hiking spots in or around town. We suggest that you head just north of town to the Pichilingue Peninsula or find your way a little south of town to the Laguna Mountains. While on your hike make it your mission to scope out the wildlife that call the Baja home.

So there you go, the how-to on making your vacation activities FREE in La Paz, Mexico.



Fun Activities at an Affordable Price in La Paz, Mexico


Planning your next vacation can be stressful. First off, and most importantly, you have to decide where you want go. Let’s say you decide to go La Paz, Mexico for some fun in the sun, great. Except now you must appropriately budget your Mexican vacation to this paradise by the Sea of Cortez. It is likely that a trip like this for your family can add up faster than you anticipate, but let’s be honest, no one wants to skimp out on their special two weeks they get each year. Well, don’t worry we have your back on this one! La Paz, Mexico is a place that offers up a wide variety of affordable vacation activities and here are the ones that make it in the top five for us:

1. Snorkeling

What better way to spend your beach vacation than in the water looking at sea creatures and all that the ocean has to offer? Guided snorkeling trips in La Paz are offered at a reasonable price of $66 per person at Marlin Adventures. Or if you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person, why not pack up your own gear and go for it from one of La Paz’s many beaches.

2. Kayak Adventures

Rent out a half-day sea kayak for just $25 at Sea & Adventures, Inc, exploring the Sea of Cortez and all of her hidden coves. Who knows, you may even run into some friendly sea life or uncover a private beach spot where you and your family can set up camp for an afternoon picnic.

3. Beaches

La Paz is home to some of Mexico’s finest and most gorgeous beaches. From public to private, huge to small, La Paz has them all. Pack up some beach chairs, food, beverage and a beach ball to be entertained all day long. Check out Playa el Tecolote.

4. Hiking

If you’re looking for a day hike, head just North of La Paz to the Pichilingue Peninsula or find a more rigorous adventure in the Laguna Mountains South of La Paz. Either way, hiking is a good way to get the whole family out and about to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Baja Peninsula.

5. Horseback Riding

Take the family out for a half-day horseback riding adventure. This is another great way to see the scenery of La Paz, Mexico without being on your feet all day! It is also highly affordable and deals are easy to be found in town.



Top 5 Beaches in La Paz, Mexico

La Paz Beach

If you’re considering planning on where to go for your next beach vacation, look no further. La Paz, Mexico, which is located on the Baja Peninsula, is home to some of North America’s most splendid beaches. Whether you are looking for a public spot, a secluded getaway or some waterfront entertainment, La Paz is the place for you.

Here are the top 5 beaches in La Paz, Mexico:

1. Ensenada Grande on Isla Espirito Santo

Considered as the most unique beach experience in La Paz, Ensenada Grande on Isla Espirito Santo is only accessible by boat. Ensenada Grande offers the most private beach experience in La Paz and is less than an hour boat ride from the city. The Travel Magazine has dubbed Ensendada Grande as “absurdly beautiful” and swimming in its water is like “swimming in a bottle of Curacao.” Prepare yourself for 14 miles of crystal clear water, sandy beaches and pure tranquility.

2. Playa el Tecolote

Just 26km from La Paz and arguably the most beautiful beach in La Paz, Mexico, Playa el Tecolote is the largest as well as most visited beach in the city. This beach offers up pristine blue waters, a white sandy stretch of beach, elegant restaurants and Palapa rentals. If this isn’t enough for you, Playa el Tecolote provides a serene view of Isla Espiritu Santo. If you’re looking for some fun and action, feel free to rent a ski-doo or go for a ride on a banana boat. Playa el Tecolote has something to offer to all beach-goers.

3. Playa Balandra

Playa Balandra is a less traveled beach that is known for its attractive views and landscape. Located just 12 miles from downtown La Paz, Playa Balandra is truly a one of a kind place. With a sandbar that spans from one side of the bay to the other, you can simply just wade your way to the other side. The water at Playa Balandra is always warm and sheltered from the waves of the Pacific Ocean. Although, if you are planning to visit Playa Balandra be sure to pack food and beverage for the day because amenities are a scarcity.

4. Playa el Tesoro

Playa el Tesoro is a beautiful, relaxing and secluded beach located just 8 miles out of town on the Pichilingue Highway. This beach offers palapa-shaded restaurants and bars that serve up some La Paz’s most exquisite food and beverage. Playa el Tesoro is also a great place to pack your own lunch and lounge out for the day on a beach chair. The shallow waters and calm winds also make it a great place to bring the kids to play freely.

5. Playa el Coromel

Playa el Coromel is located just 5 miles from the town of La Paz and is considered to be one of the gems of the Baja. In fact, Playa el Coromel is a local favorite and the first of the beaches you will hit when headed north of town. The amenities at Playa el Coromel include a water slide, restaurants, bars, and many palapas.



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