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The Best Ice Cream in La Paz

Summer is here and without a doubt the best way to cool off is enjoying the ocean view while sitting under a tree by the Malecon (boardwalk) with a delicious ice cream cone in hand.

There are several ice cream parlors in town, but this little gem is one of our favorites based on popular demand:

La Fuente has been in La Paz for around 25 years.  It is a Sunday tradition to walk down the Malecon, grab an ice cream and watch the sun set over the water. At La Fuente, they also offer “Aguas Frescas” as well as ice pops of very unique natural flavors such as Jamaica, lemon, vanilla and for those who dare to try something new, cucumber with chile or mango with chamoy. Many people argue that the ice creams from La Fuente are better than the famous gelatos in Italy. If you’re having trouble locating La Fuente while visiting La Paz, look for the huge polka dot tree, it’s impossible to miss due to the colorful, well, polka dots painted all over its trunk.

Essential Items for a La Paz Beach Getaway

Beach Fun

Nothing can ruin an amazing day at the beach faster than not being prepared, and the beaches of La Paz, Mexico are no exception to this rule. Located directly on the Baja Peninsula of California, La Paz beaches come in all shapes and sizes. Some are vast and others are small and intimate. Particular beaches are teaming with beach-goers, while others are private gems, seemingly excluded from the rest of the world. Various beaches in La Paz offer all the amenities you could ever desire, while some offer nothing but beauty. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to prepare with the 5 essentials for any Mexican beach excursion. This La Paz beach survival kit includes:

1. Sunscreen

Temperatures during the summer months in La Paz average in the middle to high 90’s which means one thing and one thing only, sun. Sunscreen is vital to protecting yourself from getting a severe sunburn and ruining the next few days of your vacation. Let’s be honest you do not want to miss out on anything, especially with all the exciting nightlife opportunities back in town.

2. Sunglasses

Back to that brutal sun, don’t spend the entire day at the beach squinting or covering your face with that book you could be reading. Sunglasses are key to ensuring a comfortable day at the beach.

3. Food & Beverage

Not all beaches in La Paz have restaurants, bars or vendors available, so make sure to pack up what you need. Water, beer, snacks and treats make a much more pleasurable beach experience than being stuck with nothing but a growling stomach.

4. Entertainment

It’s hard to be bored at the beach but in the rare case that you are, make sure you bring something to make your time there more enjoyable. A beach ball, an intriguing novel or some great tunes will all ensure that beach experience is nothing short of amazing.

5. A Beach Chair

If you’re not one to enjoy being sprawled out in the sand on a beach towel, then don’t forget your lightweight beach chair. It doesn’t get much better than the enjoyment of beach scenery with a nice cool beverage from the comfort of a cozy chair. 


Sailing in the California Baja

La Paz Sunshine

One of the most popular features of La Paz is its ease of access to the tranquil Sea of Cortez, a playground for sailing enthusiasts.  The marinas of La Paz host vessels of all kinds, from two-person dingys to 150-foot yachts. Clear skies allow sea goers spectacular views of the white sand beaches and sparkling, clear water. While many visitors arrive at La Paz on boats they have sailed from other shores, sailboats and other ocean craft are available for rental at the local marinas.

Baja Seafaris

Kayaking in La Paz, Mexico

The calm waters that surround La Paz make it a perfect place to explore by kayak.  Whether adding some fitness activity to your getaway, or just observing the wildlife including sea lions, pelicans and dolphins, kayaking is a great activity suited for the entire family.

Guided kayak excursions and rentals are available on the shores of La Paz.

Kayak Baja

Tour Baja

History of La Paz, Mexico

Originally inhabited by the Cochimi Indians, the town of La Paz was settled in 1535 by Spanish explorers. It was given its name, which means “The Peace,” shortly after. The surrounding bay became a hotspot for the pearl trade until the late 1930s, when overfishing wiped out the supply. Today many of the buildings and the town square retain the feel of a colonial port town, and the international influence of traders can be found in both the cuisine and languages spoken in the town’s streets.

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